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Frequently Asked Questions:
Q.) What shots do you use and when?
A.) When: 6 Weeks, 8 Weeks, 12 Weeks and 16 Weeks. The puppies get Duramune Max 5 CVK (Made by Fort Dodge). It's the same as what a veterinarian uses.

Q.) What's best best way to housetrain?
A.) Consistency. Take them out at a set time every day, for example every two hours to start. Also when they wake up or after they eat.

Q.) What kind of food do you feed your puppies?
A.) Puppies are started out on Iam's Puppy softened with warm water to make it soft enough for puppies with no teeth, later I feed Iam's along with Beneful Puppy Dry.

Q.) What is your guarantee?
A.) The dog or puppy is guaranteed to be in good health to the best of my knowledge. However, to validate this guarantee, the customer must have this puppy or dog examined by a licensed vet within 48 hours of the first regular business day following the date of the sale. If the vet finds anything seriously wrong with this puppy or dog (other than worms or fleas) it will be exchanged for another providing a letter from the examining vet it offered as evidence of the puppy's or dog's illness and the puppy or dog is returned within 48 hours in the above mentioned guarantee period of time of sale. I the undersigned seller, assume no responsibility after this puppy or dog leaves these premises for any change of mind on the owner's part, such as: landlord's disapproval, allergies, disagreement of family, trouble with housebreaking, etc. It is further understood and agreed that no warranty of representation has been made with respect to said puppy or dog except as set forth in this agreement. *Seller is not responsible for any vet bills and does not cover stiffles or hips. See Sales Contract for further details.

Q.) What kind of wormer do you use and when?
A.) Panacur at 5 and 7 weeks.

Q.) When do you let your puppies go?
A.) Most breeds are at 6 to 7 weeks. Yorkies are between 8 and 10 weeks, depending on how tiny they are.

Q.) What vet do you use?
A.) Dr. Ken Holmberg at Eastwood Vet in Eaton Rapids, Michigan, 517-663-1601.

Q.) When it's too cold outside, what do you recommend doing for young puppies when house training?
A.) When it's extremely cold outside I don't like young puppies to go outside. If you can find a spot out of all the wind and snow then you can try, but I prefer the house training pads until they get a little older.

Q.) What about puppies on furniture?
A.) Do not leave a puppy unattended on any furture at any time. I tell people if the puppy can jump up by itself then it should be safe to let him jump down.

Q.) Should I have any puppy micro chipped?
A.) I highly recommend it! A few of the puppies that I have sold in the past have either been stolen or someone left the gate open and the puppy become lost. Micro chipping is the safest way to assure finding your pet again. All vets have a scanner along with rescues and animal shelters to scan the micro chip to find out who the missing pet belongs too.

Q.) Do your heartworm and when?
A.) Yes, I start them at 3 months on Tri-Heart Plus. All my adults are on it.

Q.) What do I use for fleas?
A.) I like Frontline products. Also spraying the areas outside the home where your pet runs is recommended.

Q.) How often do you have puppies?
A.) We have several litters of puppies in each breed throughout the year.

"Five years ago if you
would have told me I
would be the momma to 5 Yorkies and invest that money into dogs, I would have told you that you were crazy. But here I am and
here is my story. I wanted a Yorkie years ago but didn't
want to spend 'that kind of money', then I ran into a
co-worker who had bought
her yorkie and she referred
me to Char at Beau Quest Kennel. I called Char, and she was expecting a litter and said she would put me on her list. After putting my deposit down and picking out my puppy, I brought my Zoe home a few weeks later. This little dog, oh, did I say the 'D' word??? Sorry, shhhhh...she doesn't know she is one. None of them do. This little puppy brought so much joy into my life. I
just had to call Char and
tell her Thank You for
selling me Zoe. So
I did and we chatted a bit,
Char was very easy to talk to, she gave me hints and advice. I felt so
comfortable with her
that I started calling her every few weeks. Once I even took Zoe back for a visit, and low
and behold that is when I fell in love with Sammy
and he came home
with me the next day.
Thus producing more
phone calls and the
start of our friendship. I could end my
story here but then
you would
not know what I returned
at different times and purchased Jada, Deja', and Bitty. Each has their own distinctive personalities. If purchasing 5 puppies from the same person does not speak for itself as a testimonial, I don't know what does. I have look throughout the state and been on the net
to 'see what is out there' and I have found that
some of the nicest looking are right in Vermontville at Beau Quest Kennel. I have been very happy with all
the family members
I have acquired
from Char. I know raise
a few litters of my
own and I am happy
to refer people to Char
when I don't have any babies. All Char's dogs
are loved and cared for
and kept up on all their
vet visits. Looking for a puppy? i would highly recommend purchasing
from Char at Beau Quest Kennel. Not only will you get a quality puppy,
but you might make a new friend! i still go over to Char's to visit and see what is available. Besides,
what's one more puppy?
Brenda Curtis
Saranac, MI

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